The Recursion Theorem Wraps!

December 16, 2014    

That’s a wrap on The Recursion Theorem, here’s a short bittersweet video of us breaking down the set. It was…


Making of: Swords of Insurgency

December 15, 2014    

These are some of the behind the scenes pictures of “Swords of Insurgency” a web series about a post apocalyptic…

Warden 3_00000

In Vivo: Behind the Scenes

October 15, 2014    

Wrapped another film, a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) drama about a soldier on a new medication called In Vivo….

En Vivo5

“Dark Therapy” wins an Independent short award

September 13, 2014    

Here’s a short comedy film about a vampire that’s afraid of blood. I was shot and edited the film for…

Dark Therapy thumb_06129


September 5, 2014    

“Thick” is a feature I shot, which got me a nomination for best cinematography at the indie capital awards; and…


Vogue Italia

August 1, 2014    

These are some my photographs that were featured in the Vogue Italia website, really cool.


“Comeuppance” Nominated for best short film

May 11, 2014    

“Comeuppance” a short film I shot for DK filmworks, was nominated for Best short film at the San Francisco Black…


The Washingtonian publishes one of my photographs

January 11, 2012    

I was featured on an article of the washingtonian,along with one of my pictures; published in the January 2012 issue,…